Our Parents

Parents are a critical part of the Husky lacrosse program. Our goal is to partner with parents to provide the best opportunity for the players to succeed and have fun. We ask that all parents volunteer time to make the program successful. We realize that everyone has very busy lives so we seek to spread the work across a lot of people and make the load lighter for everyone. 

For the 2021 season we will be looking to fill the following organizational positions. This portions are the DRIs (Directly Responsible Individual) or point people. This absolutely does not mean they do all of the work but help to recruit, organizer and work with a group to accomplish the tasks.

Area DRIs:

  1. Finance - works with the coaches to establish a budget, set dues, acquire equipment, practice gear and uniforms.

  2. Marketing and Fundraising - works with others to organize and conduct fundraisers, identify sponsors and market the team to the community.

  3. Fields - Works with the coaches to identify and acquire fields for practices and games. Creates a schedule and ensures that fields are correctly prepared. Recruits volunteers for field preparation. 

  4. Game Day Management - Works with the coaches to meet all of the game day responsibilities including developing and scheduling a team of scorekeepers, store and deliver the scoring equipment, water and first aid kit. Adds the game statistics to the AGLA site.

  5.  League Relationships/MALs - Works with the coaches to communicate with the league and ensures representation at the meetings. We have to provide two Members at large to attend league meetings once a month. This is the only way we will be represented in league decisions.

  6. Events - Works with the coaches to organize events before, during and after the season. This can include a pre-season tournament, retreat, team dinners, and the banquet.

  7. School Clubs and Recruiting - works with schools in CUSD to find opportunities to build awareness clubs and get players to come out to play. Raise general awareness of the sport.